Choosing Happy Yoga Therapy leads you to embody and enjoy utterly the benefits yoga.(01)

  •   Improve flexibility
  •   Build a strong and proportionate body
  •   Regulate metabolism
  •   Detox
  •   Quiet your mind
  •   Prosperity
  •   Harmony

(02)A pioneering method that includes: asanas, dance, games, breathing and techniques of energy that aim to the symmetry of the body, clarity of spirit and serenity of soul.

Regular sessions enhance your fitness and strengthen your immune system. Your biological indicators will improve; you can delay the ageing process and accelerate recovery from illness. Decrease the risk of heart attack and reduce stress and anxiety in your life. Experience the joy of participating and communicating while feeling happy, calm full of energy and grand self-esteem.(3)

Unwind the strings of mind; stretch the strings of the heart. Together we begin the inner trip with love, abundance, safety, harmony, beauty.
Unity of body and soul, the milestone of yoga philosophy combined with the harmony of dancing movements redeems and releases positive energy-the feeling of well-being and joy. Activate it regularly with Happy Yoga Therapy to achieve self-treatment.(4)

  •   Free your mind from anxious thoughts
  •   Fight anger, jealousy, negative emotions
  •   Build up your identity and personality
  •   Know and love yourself and others
  •   Liberate yourself from stress, panic attacks, fears and other dysfunctions of your body

(05)Music is the universal oneness of sound. Yoga is also the universal oneness of the individual with the self. That is why it is Yoga.  B.K.S. Iyengar.(07)(6)

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